Happy Hour: The Pitch & Fork

Friday, April 11, 2014

It's Friday and that means it'll be time for a good, strong cocktail in a few hours! Today I'm featuring a bar in my Manhattan neighborhood, the Upper East Side, where J and I went for happy hour recently: The Pitch & Fork.


We've been to the restaurant for dinner and brunch previously, but were interested in their bar specials. Specifically, they have a 2 for 1 happy hour that applies to draft beers, house wines, and a specialty cocktail of the day. We actually came in thinking that 2 for 1 applied to ALL cocktails and were momentarily disappointed to learn that our little date night would be full price! Nonetheless, we both had a great time, enjoyed a really cozy ambiance, and delicious drinks.

Some quick back story: I won't get into the traumatic details but let's just say that from Labor Day 2006 through the very recent future, I have not touched gin. Eight years on and living in a mixology-happy city, I've decided to give gin a chance. I figured I could ease myself back into it by trying a multi-ingredient cocktail that includes gin. Which brings us to The Pitch & Fork happy hour.

J ordered a martini and I ordered The Royal Pitch. The ingredients listed are: Farmers Organic Gin, Goji Liquor, Lemon Juice & Champagne. It was DELICIOUS. The lemon was refreshing, the goji was fruity but not overly sweet, the champagne kept it light, but the whole thing certainly packed a punch with the gin. I really enjoyed it!

Three cheers to a nice, relaxing weekend with your cocktail of choice!

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  1. I'm not a big Gin fan either, but that looks delicious!


You can be sweet or spicy, but no sour grapes.

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