Skinnytaste's Chicken Scarapiello

Monday, April 7, 2014

One of the main reasons I decided to start a food blog is because I LOVE FOOD BLOGS. I love them. I love the authors' quirky personalities and I love their insanely creative and delicious concoctions. Many of my favorites you can find on the INSPIRATION page and Skinnytaste is definitely a favorite. The way I cook can really vary - sometimes it's purely from my imagination/cravings, sometimes it's a direct iteration of a recipe, but most times it's "Inspired By" - blending recipes or making little tweaks to them.

Non-Skinny scarpariello is some iteration of pan-seared chicken, a white wine sauce, spicy peppers, and garlic. Skinnytaste’s version includes cauliflower, which is one of those veggies I love as a stand-in for a carb. I won't lie - nine times out of ten, I un-Skinny the recipes. In this case, I think I made it Extra Skinny by throwing in a box of baby spinach that was hanging around the back of my fridge. I also ended up using bone-in skin-on legs because while I rarely eat the actual chicken skin, I like cooking with it on because the flavors are just WOW. I also used all four sausage links in an Aidell's chicken sausage package instead of one because I like meat. No apologies here.

The general consensus? YUH to the UM. This is totally going into the general rotation for a weeknight meal, as it hits all of the main criteria: quick, low-carb, hearty but not heavy, and most importantly one-pot (meaning: fewer dishes... I hate dishes).

This recipe also got me hooked on hot cherry peppers. There are a few upcoming recipes that use them and I truly love the bright, sweet, spicy flavor.

I think the flavors could go really well with seafood, too, and I'll have to experiment when I make it in the future. I loved this dish and it will definitely make an appearance in my kitchen again!

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  1. I love that you do so many recipes with bone-in chicken! Admittedly, I hate having to pick things off the bone but I know it gives so much flavor so I need to try one of your recs very soon!


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