Corn Radish Salad + Onion Meatloaf

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

As I've heard from plenty of you before, sometimes the hardest part of figuring out dinner is what to cook on the side. Wandering the Greenmarket on a lunch break a few weeks ago, Side Dish Inspiration struck when I saw a massive bunch of radishes next to a heaping pile of fresh sweet corn. I had to have them both.

At home that evening, I cut the kernels off of the two ears of corn and diced up the radishes pretty small. Since the corn was so fresh, I didn't even consider cooking it. It was so crunchy and sweet in it's lovely natural state and totally held it's own agains the tart spice of the radishes.

I then set out to dress up these pink and yellow beauties. I had on hand a jalapeño, a bunch of cilantro, a lime, and the other half of a radicchio head. I added them all (just the juice of the lime) to a blender, added some oil, salt and pepper, and gave it a whir.

I also found a way to use up the other onion soup packet - meatloaf! I dumped the mix into a pound of ground turkey, added an egg and some breadcrumbs, mixed, and baked until cooked through.

I tossed the corn and radishes with the dressing... which ended up way more brown than green, thanks to the radicchio. Looks gross, tasted fresh and spicy and herbal. Promise.

All in all, this was a home run weeknight dinner - quick to put together and really delicious. Sweet and crunchy salad punched up with a zingy dressing paired with a juicy and onion-rich turkey meatloaf. I lucked out finding such perfect fresh corn and hope I can score some more before the season truly ends!

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  1. I just came across your blog. I love all the recipes I am always looking for new healthy meals to cook


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