Wine Wednesday: Bigorre, Clos Basté 2012

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My new job is a few short blocks from Astor Wines, an absolute playground for oenophiles in NYC. I've gone there a few times on lunch breaks just to wander and 'window shop' so to speak. The staff is extremely approachable and knowledgable

I felt very much in a rut a few weeks ago and decided that cooking a fancy weeknight dinner and pairing it with a new wine we'd never tried would help lift the shroud. The soup part of that dinner I shared with you yesterday and the salmon piece is coming tomorrow (promise!). All I could think of that day at Astor was finding a red wine to go with a nice hearty piece salmon. I know, I know -- red wine and fish? It worked and did not overpower.

No lies, I picked this bottle primarily because it was French and I wanted to help break out of my rut with my Edith Piaf Pandora station. You know I like a theme.

I got a very crisp celery and green pepper aroma - very exciting since I didn't want it to be too heavy with the fish. After sipping, it gave me a very bright mineral feeling, almost like licking a stone (don't tell me you never did this as a child), with a very smooth dark blueberry flavor as well. The crispness and fruitness paired beautifully with the fish. When I checked back to my photos of the signage from the store, "wet stones" is listed as a flavor note - I felt really proud at myself for identifying what should otherwise be a ridiculous flavor to pick out of a wine!

I purchased this for $11.96 at Astor Wines and loved it. The price is perfect for Weeknight Wine and I certainly will be back for another bottle!

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