Marinated Hangar Steak with Peppers & Onions

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

One Solo Dinner night when J was away, I was feeling very much in the mood for some red meat but didn't want to throw down for a whole London. Lo and behold, a little 1/2 lb hangar steak was perched in the butcher's case waiting for me to take it home! I made a quick marinade of Worcestershire, low sodium soy sauce, olive oil, salt and pepper.

While the steak marinated, I sliced a yellow onion and a red bell pepper into long strips. I cooked them in a splash of oil on medium heat until the peppers just started to brown a bit on the edges. The onions were a bit softer, but both still had great texture to them.

Since my hangar steak was very thin, all I needed was a quick sear on each side, maybe 4 minutes a side tops. I poured the remaining marinade over the top after I flipped it and it cooked down beautifully as the meat finished. To plate, I simply topped the veggies with the steak and dug in.

Do you see that? That is a perfect bite of steak. Sear on the outside with a delicious glaze, deep pink in the center. Not a single bite remained!


  1. Oh hey, my mouth is watering at 7:30am!

  2. You have helped me to nix the fear of cooking steak in our little apartment! If I pull out my cast iron skillet, you can almost guarantee that we're going to hear the smoke detector, but I've tried nearly all of your steak-on-the-stove recipes and I swear you cannot fudge them up. And this? This fits just perfectly into my little starch-free dinner plans for the next few months. YUM!

  3. Saw your comment on Samma's blog and am your newest follower! Beautiful pics.


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